Our agitators are specially designed and manufactured to mix fluids in a reliable and

efficient way. They are applied for stirring fluids in tanks up to 1500 m3 with a shaft

length of up to 10 m and a motor power of up to 45 kW.

Due to their availability in different metals (carbon steel, SS304, SS316L, Super

Duplex) and optionally even with plastic linings, our agitators cover a wide range

of applications. They also comply with Directive 34/2014/EU-ATEX for installation

in hazardous areas and with Regulation 2004/1935/EC for food-grade installations.

Other Products for Water & Waste Water

Other products for water and wastewater application:

• Surface aerators

• Dry Powder feeders

• Dosing stations

• Polymer preparation

• Submersible mixers