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Diaphragm Plunger API 675 Pumps

ProductsPumpsDiaphragm Plunger API 675 Pumps
ProductsPumpsDiaphragm Plunger API 675 Pumps


This product is  the most progressive diaphragm metering pump worldwide and offers maximum safety for production and environment.

  • Hermetically tight
  • According to national and international standards 
    as VDMA 24284, 24286-10, API 675, FDA guidelines
  • Hygienic design as option
  • Lowest life cycle costs
  • Lowest maintenance costs
  • Extremely long service life of the sandwich diaphragm
  • Simple diaphragm replacement
  • Minimum number of dynamic seals
  • Economical installation due to higher suction capabilities
    than the competition
  • Use of LEWA CMS possible as an option
  • Highest reliability and availability
  • Absolute safe start-up of the pump Patented diaphragm protection system (DPS) Diaphragm monitoring system –safe control of the diaphragm movement
  • Highest reliability even in case of mal-operation or extreme operating conditions such as high suction pressure, closed discharge- or suction line